Modern South Coast NSW Wedding

There is a picturesque little seaside town along the South Coast of NSW Australia named Gerrigong. Not far from Canberra, it makes the ideal backdrop for a beautiful love-filled wedding just like this. A wonderfully light-filled affair, this modern wedding is a visual experience perfectly captured by Christine of Pobke Photography (and I think we’re so lucky to have her with us in Australia!). But, let me tell you this breathtaking location is not the only reason this South Coast wedding is so captivating. Apart from the mesmerizing light, amazing coastline and pretty country setting, you also have a gorgeous couple, a shimmering wedding dress and pretty pink pastel blooms. Then, you’ve got “hold-me-back” stunning bridesmaid dresses (I know how much you’re going to lust after those!). Not to forget, the sweet vintage touches like a pretty ceremony held in a quaint country church and an awesome vintage bus as the wedding limousine. Wow! . . . the awesomeness might be just be too much to for me to bear!

Even having said all that, these few images I’m sharing with you hardly do this South Coast wedding justice. So it is absolutely imperative you head on over to Christine’s blog and appreciate the full beauty of this modern NSW wedding.

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