Breathtaking Bridal Veils #2

Kiss Under Veil

We love beautiful bridal veils here at LWB, but when you combine it with breathtaking photography then you absolutely have us melting at the knees! In our Breathtaking Bridal Veils #1 we focused on the bride modelling her stunning veil. However this time, we decided it was time to show off some amazing shots of couples […]

{Wedding Pic Love} Art Deco Elegance & the Arch Window


This amazing art deco style shot of a bridal couple back lit by a huge weathered arch window is a stunning example of timeless elegance. This breathtaking wedding photography is by the talented Richard Rayner.

Isn’t She Lovely . . . {Wedding Pic Love}

Wedding Pictures Bride and Veil

 Image by Jen Huang

Bridal Bling Is A Wonderful Thing {Wedding Pic Love}

Wedding Pictures

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you these breathtaking pictures I found, which literally stopped me in my tracks. In case you haven’t had the pleasure of already seeing her work, Elizabeth Kaye (aka Elizabeth in Love), is a Canadian photographer with incredible talent. And, after browsing around her lovely blog and […]

Breathtaking Bridal Veils

Breathtaking Bridal Veils

What is it about bridal veils that is so alluring? Is it their beauty, history, or sense of mystery that keeps us intrigued? Perhaps, it is their hint of what is to come. The sweet anticipation of the moment when he is told ‘you may kiss the bride’. The moment when time stands still. When he […]