Destination Mediterranean: A Wedding on Santorini by Anna Roussos

I think it’s safe to say many of us have dreamt of running off to the Greek Islands with the love-of-our-life and basque in the romance of it all. Well, blissettes, thanks to the extraordinary talents of Anna Roussos and the spectacular backdrop of Santorini, it’s one of the prettiest Mediterranean weddings you will ever lay your eyes on. This intimate rendezvous is exactly why I adore destination weddings

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Greek Islands WeddingDestination Wedding in Greece


From the photographer: 

It was Jenna and Sam’s dream to get married in Greece, and because of the travelling distance from the States, they decided it would be easier without family nor friends. Of course famous Santorini was the first island they thought about and it was a great choice (other couples who have wed in Santorini will understand). The wedding was very intimate and romantic. They could enjoy all the time for themselves, without any worries. While Jenna and Sam were exchanging vows, I could see tears of happiness in their eyes. It was truly beautiful moment!  



Photography by Anna Roussos / Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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