Farm Elopement by Cedarwood Weddings

There is no reason a small intimate wedding has to scrimp on style. And this romantic farm elopement held by Cedarwood Weddings proves just how beyond gorgeous a tête-à-tête can be. When you have a musician groom with heartfelt lyrics and acoustic guitar; a luxury picnic themed reception for two; and vintage treasures styled to perfection, you know it’s going to be one very special soiree. But when you combine all those chic country elements with the idyllic tranquil setting of Cedarwood in Nashville Tennessee, then there is no doubt it’s the stuff wedding dreams are made of…

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Bride & Groom Barbie & Scott share: 
Our Love Story:

Although we first met in our thirties, the universe was conspiring to bring us together since we were teenagers. We were both born and raised in western Pennsylvania, both attended classes at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and both sang along at the same Tom Petty and Lollapalooza concerts. But fate finally got its way in the summer of 2007, when, after a string of bad first dates, I [Barbie] signed up for While sorting through the volume of e-mails, a charming singer-songwriter with a fun sense of humor and common Pennsylvania background attracted my attention. Evident in our first conversation was a spark and bond which has only grown stronger over time.

Wedding Style:

We live and work near Washington, DC; however, we both grew up in small towns and our hearts are in the country. Our preferred happy hour spot is on the deck of our favorite winery, overlooking the Virginia mountainside. Our home is filled with objects that juxtapose modern touches with a vintage country feel, and we wanted the same for our wedding. We chose Cedarwood in Nashville to help us create our dream wedding reflecting our sense of style – an intimate and personal elopement ceremony with our own vows. 

Wedding Rings:

From Barbie, The term “cocktail ring” emerged during Prohibition, when women wore large, bold rings to illegal cocktail parties. My engagement/wedding ring is an original domed cocktail ring, handcrafted of diamonds and platinum in 1925, during the height of Prohibition.

Why Did You Chose to Elope?

We chose Nashville for our wedding, because it was where we took our first vacation together, and it already held special memories for us. We eloped so that the day was just ours, with no distractions, no duties but to each other. Of course, it was still important for us to choose a beautiful venue and plan a unique event, and Cedarwood offered the perfect tranquil setting. Linda and Jessica and the team at Cedarwood exceeded our expectations with so many breathtaking details and the amazing way they brought to life our vision for our wedding day. We plan to relocate to Nashville eventually, and want to anchor our marriage in the place we will one day call home.

Tell us about the song  for your Ceremony?

The song called “Without You” was written by our friend Dave Pahanish. Dave and Scott have been friends for about ten years, and the first time we heard the song, it struck a chord with us. We related immediately to the message and theme of the lyrics that all the trappings of success are meaningless without the one you love by your side for life. This song went to the top of the charts when it was recorded by Keith Urban.

What inspired the song Scott wrote and sang to Barbie at the wedding?

The song is called “Way With Words,” and it was written by Scott several years ago, not long after he and Barbie first met. From Scott, “The theme of this song is simple – a boy proposes to the girl of his dreams, and she says, ‘yes.’ I wanted to sing this song to Barbie on our wedding day, because she made what I created out of music and lyrics come true for me.”

Favorite Memories

From Scott, “The day was perfect in every way. The setting was amazing, the weather was beautiful, the photographer made us laugh and feel comfortable. We loved walking down the path in the woods to the nature preserve where we laughed, acted silly and just enjoyed each other.”

From Scott, “It was really hard to keep my back turned, away from the path where Barbie would be walking. Of course, I had yet to see her in her wedding dress, and I was trying so hard not to sneak a peek! Then I heard the photographer start to snap away, and the minister said, ‘There she is.’ When I turned around and saw her walking toward me with her flowers and beautiful smile, it made me jump a little on the inside.”

From Barbie, “Our vows were so special. We wrote them ourselves and managed to keep them a surprise for each other until the ceremony. I made sure to add a touch of humor to help keep the tears at bay. I was so touched by Scott’s words, and I remember thinking how beautifully he painted a picture with his vows, just like in his songs.”

From Barbie, “I’m a huge believer in signs from the universe. We had already been given the gift of a gorgeous, sunny day. Then, while we were taking photos in the nature preserve, Krystal, our photographer, found a four-leaf clover and gave it to us for good luck. It was one of those serendipitous perfect moments.”

What’s next for the bride and groom?

Right now we are in the process of planning a very special celebration of our marriage with friends and family in September. We love Nashville, but the nation’s capital is our home, and we will be hosting our reception in the heart of DC’s wine country ~ at Grandale Farm in Loudoun County, Virginia. We are big fans of locally and sustainably sourced food, and this venue grows 80 percent of the produce on its menu. We are also members of a local winery, so we’ll be serving the best food and wine our region has to offer.

♥ ♥ ♥

Photographer: Krystal Mann, Life Strings Photography, Nashville /Venue: Historic Cedarwood, Nashville, Tennessee / Flowers, Décor, Planning & Styling: Cedarwood Weddings / Co-Stylist: Cedarwood associate, Jessica Sloane  / Music: Acoustic guitar and original music by the Groom  / Catering: Provence Café  / Minister: Ralph Griggs / Custom illustrated keepsake ‘invitation’: Kelsey Garrity-Riley / Hair & Makeup: Betsy, Studio BBC Salon

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