{Week of Bliss} Amazing Dresses, Awesome Decor & An Adorable Cake!

I confess I am guilty of my weekly round up being a tad late this week. But the great thing is, when I post my ‘Week of Bliss’ on a Saturday (instead of Friday), it allows me to include any extra gorgeousness from overseas which was published overnight! (Australia is a day ahead of US & Europe). So all the more gorgeous weddings to enjoy I say! Also, I’ve been doing a little extra behind the LWB scenes this week, planning something new and fabulous. I’m really excited and can’t wait until it kicks off in March – so stay tuned. Anyways . . . back to the best-of-weddings this week. Rest assured I’ve got plenty of eye candy to keep you busy till Monday. So grab a glass of wine, get cozy on the couch and get your pinning finger ready, cos you’ll be lost in wedding-ville for awhile! Catch you later wonderful people!

Best Real Weddings Feb 2012

Real Weddings from around the globe:


 Real Weddings from Australia & New Zealand:

Real Weddings Australia


In case you missed, here are our pretty posts from this week:


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