DIY Ombre Place cards

Do you love ombre details? Are you looking for simple ways you can incorporate it into your wedding decor? Then sit tight, because our savvy little DIY diva Ashley, has some pretty DIY ombre place cards you can easily create yourself!   

ombreplacecards DIY Ombre Place cards

Ombre is definitely one of my favorite trends this year. It’s an easy way to incorporate subtle glimpses of color into your big day without everything being too match-matchy, I’m definitely not a fan of that! These DIY ombre place cards are a super simple ombre project for you to recreate on your own–

thingsyoullneedgrey DIY Ombre Place cards

  • Your choice of paint color
  • 3 bowls
  • 3 foam brushes
  • Water

instructionsgrey DIY Ombre Place cards

 ombreplacecards2 DIY Ombre Place cards

Squirt a touch of paint into three bowls. Add water to one bowl so that the color is less saturated, then double that amount of water for the third bowl. Now you’ll have three shades of your color choice.

Desktop138 DIY Ombre Place cards

Use a foam brush to brush on the lightest shade first. Then use separate brushes for the second and third shades, moving further down each time. 

Desktop139 DIY Ombre Place cards

Set the cards aside to dry. Once dry, you can add an extra touch with a hole punch, calligraphy, twine, or a cute place card stand.

Desktop140 DIY Ombre Place cards

I created these citrus holders just by cutting a line across the top of a lime!

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Ashley is the author and editor of Sugar & Cloth, a blog compiled of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between.

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photos & project by Sugar & Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Thanks Ashley! We think these ombre place cards are the perfect way to infuse some personality into your next event – use them for dinner parties, bridal showers and of course as escort cards for a memorable DIY wedding!

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  1. Looks great!And so easy to make!

  2. Quianah U says:

    Hi Ashley! What kind of paint did you use? Just acrylic craft paint? Thanks!

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