DIY Vintage Button Boutonniere

Today, I’m excited to introduce our new Guest Blogger – Ashley Rose from Sugar and Cloth {which I recommend you pop on over to later for a gorgeous dose of yummy treats & pretty ideas}. Ashley, is what we at LWB classify as a bona fide “DIY Diva” – wonderfully creative, super crafty, and a gorgeous girl to go with it! Which is why we’re thrilled she will be dropping in to Love Wed Bliss regularly with fantastic DIY projects for all our readers! So without further adieu, I’ll hand you over to the lovely Ash for her first LWB project (which I know all you DIY brides are gonna love!).

DIY Button Boutonniere Wedding

Hello, Love Wed Bliss readers! I, Ashley, am so excited to be collaborating with LWB to inspire you to add a few DIY touches to your special day. I have lots of neat projects in store for you, but first up are these sweet little vintage button boutonnieres. Maybe I’m bias because of my small(ish) obsession with all things buttons and polka dots, but these boutonnieres are sure to get a thumbs up as modern alternatives to flowers.

Pro’s: Budget friendly, keepsakes, modern, customizable . . . AND you can make them in advance.

Con’s: Not exactly a good choice for button haters.

1 | Buttons in various sizes and styles

2 | Floral wire

3 | Wire cutters / Scissors

4 | Twine / Ribbon

5 | Safety pin

How To Make A Button Boutonniere

1 | Stack buttons on a flat surface to get a general idea of the layout you like.

2 + 3 | String floral wire through one button hole, and back down through the opposite hole.

4 | Twist the wire tightly to the back of the buttons to secure the hold.

5 | Cut the wires leaving excess wire. The excess is how you will attach each “stem” to the safety pin.

6 + 7 | Repeat stringing wire through the remaining button stems.

8 | Next, you’ll wrap the excess wires from each of your stems around the safety pin, using one hand to maintain the desired placement and height of the buttons. Make sure the safety pin enclosure is facing the top (as shown) when you begin wrapping so that when you’re finished the enclosure will be hidden behind the buttons.

9 + 10 | String ribbon or twine through the bottom loop of the safety pin and wrap all the way around the wires. 

11 | Tie the two ends of your twine together (You can also use hot glue).

What’s the icing on the cake? That you can coordinate your buttons and ribbon to any color combination, light or dark! 

DIY Button Boutonniere

Stay tuned for more wedding DIY’s for Love Wed Bliss!

Until next time, you can find everyday DIY projects from Sugar & Cloth here


Sugar and Cloth for Love Wed Bliss

Ashley is the author and editor of Sugar & Cloth, a blog compiled of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between. 

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Thanks Ashley for the great tutorial. We love these vintage button boutonnieres and think they would be fabulous for whimsical or vintage inspired wedding. Plus, we love how you chose gold buttons giving the boutonnieres a little bit of a glamorous look too!

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