Bouquet Cupcakes For Serious Cupcake Connoisseurs

When it comes to pretty sweets you can’t go past bouquet cupcakes. They deliciously add a whimsical touch to a wedding or an unexpected element of surprise to a pretty bridal shower. Whatever the occasion (I need no excuse!), they will always appear elegant, sophisticated and seriously adorable. Which if you’re like me, puts you in a serious dilemma, you’ll want to cherish one as long as possible and gobble it to bits at the same time.

Bouquet Cupcakes

One of my favorite designs is this divine mini cupcake bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings (don’t forget to grab the recipe). Pretty as a picture, this vanilla cupcake is adorned with a bouquet of ivory, lemon and pink Swiss meringue rosettes. I also love this adorable strawberry flowers cupcake from Call Me Cupcake. Whilst technically not a cupcake bouquet, it still features a pretty bunch of delicate handmade flowers balanced on thick swirls of icing. And I adore how it is presented. Beautifully encased in a wax paper muffin case and tied with a dainty ribbon – absolute perfection!

Whilst I’m on a roll, I’ve also decided to include more cupcake bouquet designs to drool over. Just feast your eyes on these . . . (then let me know which one you would choose to dish up for your guests!)


Cupcake Bouquets

Cupcake Wedding

Cupcake Decorations

Not only would these cupcake decorations make a pretty and unique table centerpiece for your wedding, but could also add a point of interest to a pretty desert table don’t you think?

Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating

Images: Cupcakes on Sticks: Wedding By Color/Cupcake Bouquet in Pink Pot: Autumn Carpenter/Daisy Cupcake Bouquet: Handmade Edibles /Pastel Floral Bouquet Cupcakes: Anita Jamal via Flickr/Bright Floral Bouquet Cupcakes: Katja’s Kupcakes/Bouquet of Cupcakes in Mauve Pot: /Bouquet of Cupcakes in Yellow Pot: Buttercream Bakery via Flickr/ Bride holding Purple Cupcake Bouquet: Rock n Roll Bride/White Bouquet Cupcake: Clever Little Cupcake/Flower Decoration on Cupcake: I Am Baker

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