Manzanita Branches for Weddings

Manzanita branches are a beautiful and original way to add some ‘wow’ factor your wedding decor.  These natural arrangements have a multitude of twisted branches giving them a miniature tree silhouette like appearance which makes them not only dramatic in appearance but also extremely versatile for wide variety of decorative uses. Today, we take a look at the many gorgeous ways you can use manzanita trees throughout a wedding.

Manzanita Wedding Centerpieces

The wonderful thing about Manzanita branches is they are very affordable and easy to DIY. You can purchase them in either their natural form (reddish timber look) or in a sandblasted variety (neutral driftwood appearance). Or, for a complete contrast, easily paint them to compliment your colour scheme.

Another great variety of branches, especially for eco-conscious brides is the artificial manzanita branch. Artificial branches work especially well for for large weddings, where consistency in the appearance of your centrepieces is important. It also means they are strong yet still lightweight, can be re-used, and of course get a big tick for being environmentally friendly.

3 Interesting Facts about Manzanita Branches

1. Manzanita is the 7th hardest hardwood making it ideal for displaying objects and decorations. Sandblasted and/or finished Manzanita branches can be used for long periods, if properly taken care of.

2. A Manzanita tree is not very big. The common varieties used for furniture art and decor usually rang from 6 to 12 foot tall shrub like trees. Although the tree root and trunk is used for wood art and furniture, it is the small branches, twigs, and leaf bearing off-shoots at the end of the tree, which are commonly sourced for dry branch centerpieces and floral arrangements.

3. Manzanita trees only grow in select micro-climates along the South and West Coast and mountains of Mexico in the United States. In California many species are considered protected and some even highly endangered. Making the artificial style of manzanita an increasingly popular choice.
Manzanita Tree Decorations
Manzanita Tree Decorations
When you incorporate Manzanita branches into your decorations you add a beautiful natural and textural element to your wedding. Now, it goes without saying, that they look amazing as centerpieces on reception tables, but don’t overlook using them in other ways – decorating your aisle; as a gorgeous guest table feature; or featured as a pretty guest wishing tree. 
You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating your manzanita branches. You can tie on fresh or artificial flowers, drape crystals, strings of lights or ribbons – you can even attache hanging votive candles for an amazing effect. Then again, depending upon your wedding style or theme, you may prefer to keep them bare and let their natural beauty speak for themselves. Whatever you go with you, you’re bound to wow your guests when they enter the room and see their spectacular branches reaching into the air!
Here are some beautiful ideas for using Manzanita Branches in your wedding decor: 
Manzanitas Branches in Ceremony Decor

Manzanita Branches in Aisle DecorManzanita Branches Ceremony Decor

Manzanita Branch Centrepieces

Natural Manzanita CenterpiecesWhite Floral Manzanita Branch CenterpiecesManzanita CenterpiecesManzanita Tree Centrepieces

Manzanita Wishing Tree

Manzanita Wedding Wishing TreeManzanita Branches Guest Book

Manzanita Trees for Guest Tables

Manzanita Branch Wishing TreeManzanita Wishing TreeManzanita Tree Wedding Decor

Manzanita Branches with Candles

Manzanita Centerpieces & DecorationsManzanita Branches with Candles

Where to Buy Manzanita Branches

If you love the look of Manzanita branches as much as we do, and plan to create your own centerpieces or decorations, then we recommend checking out the many styles of manzanita branches at Koyal Wholesale – the best place for Manzanita centerpieces and decor.



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