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Paper Crane Wedding IdeasWe love the whimsical look paper cranes add to a wedding’s decor. These pretty pieces of folded paper are a form of Japanese origami and have played a significant part in ancient Japanese history. Legend says whoever folds one thousand paper cranes will be granted one wish. So, it is believed when a bride folds 1000 cranes she will learn the gift of patience and be granted the reward of a long and happy marriage. Today, you still see these pretty paper decorations featured in Asian and multi-cultural weddings, but in recent years they have also become popular in western weddings. Not only do they incorporate ancient symbolism into your wedding, they also add a very pretty and whimsical touch. Here are some gorgeous ideas you can use to include paper cranes in your wedding decor.

Ceremony Decor 

Whimsical Paper Crane WeddingPaper Cranes Wedding

Table Decorations & Place Settings

Paper Crane Wedding TablePaper Crane Wedding Table

Wedding Cake Toppers

Paper Crane Wedding Cake

Wedding Invitations 

Paper Crane Wedding InvitationsPaper Crane Wedding Invitation

Reception Garlands

Paper Crane Wedding DecorationsPaper Crane Decoration Ideas

Dessert Buffet Backdrop

Paper Crane Wedding Decoration


Love the idea of decorating your wedding with pretty paper cranes?  Create an authentic look with these beautiful patterned origami patterned origami papers we spotted.

Decorative Origami Paper


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