Gorgeous Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Including a photo booth at your wedding reception is a fantastic way to add an element of fun to your wedding day and capture your guests in a gorgeous backdrop. Whilst the old-school style of booth has always been popular (the box style photo booth you squeeze into and retro film strips come out), I’m also a big fan of the newer creative versions of photo booths and backdrops, which not only look fabulous but can also enhance your reception decor or theme. Take a peek at these gorgeous ideas for inspiration:

1. Vintage Picture Frames

Vintage Frames Photo Booth

2. Vintage Carnival Photo Booth

Vintage Carnival Photo Booth

3. Tent Photo Booth

Tent Photo Booth

4. Freestanding Garden Wedding Photo Booth

Garden Wedding Photo Booth

5. Day Bed Photo Booth

Day Bed Photo Booth

6. Vintage Moon Photo Backdrop

Vintage Moon Photo Backdrop

7. Colorful Paper Wheel Backdrop

Paper Wheels Photo Backdrop

8. Chalkboard Backdrop

Chalkboard Photo Backdrop

Tip: If your want a featured photo booth at your wedding reception, make sure you speak to your photographer in advance for advice on how to get the best results. You’ll need an allocated area which is easy to access and won’t interrupt the flow of traffic. You’ll also need a camera on a tripod with a remote sync or designate a photographer friend to capture all the happy snaps. 

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Images: Vintage Picture Frame Booth via The Wedding Chicks / Vintage Circus Booth via Green Wedding Shoes  /  Tent Photo Booth via The Found Blog /Garden Wedding Booth via SMP / Day Bed Photo Booth via Celebrations at Home Blog / Vintage Moon Backdro via Ruffled/ Paper Wheels Backdrop via Preston Bailey/ Chalkboard Backdrop via SMP

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