Empire State Building Wedding Inspiration

What could possibly be more romantic than the love stories portrayed in “An Affair to Remember” or “Sleepless in Seattle“? How about having a wedding on The Empire State Building? Many couples have been lucky enough to live this dream, some have even been lucky enough to win the experience!  Imagine exchanging vows on top this New York City landmark, overlooking the amazing Manhattan skyline. Celebrating with family and friends in the epitome of NY style. Whether you plan to tackle the great icon herself, or use a New York landmark to inspire your wedding theme, we have this fabulous Empire Sate Building inspiration for you to start creating your dream NY affair.

Empire State Building Wedding Photos

A NY Wedding is not complete without it! {image by Lauren Gabrielle}

First Look on Empire State Building

First Look {via Bridal Guide}

Bride on Empire State Building

Bride enjoying the view {image by Christian Oth}

Empire State Building Save The Date Card

Empire State Building Save The Date {by Laura Davis Events}

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle scene {via New York Daily News}

Bride & Groom in Empire State Building Elevator

The ESB Elevator Iconic Pic {image by Christian Oth}

Wedding Ceremony at Empire State BuildingIndoor Wedding Ceremony {image by Robert Evans}

Empire State Building Wedding Cake

Empire State Building Groom’s Wedding Cake {image by Adam Nyholt}

Empire State Building Wedding

Wedding on Empire State Building {via Bridal Guide}

An Affair To Remember

An Affair To Remember {via IMDB}

 Wedding on Empire State Building

Celebrate in NY Landmark Style {image by Christian Oth}

Empire State Building Wedding Inspiration

NY Iconic Style {via TrendHunter}

Win a Wedding on Empire State Building

Looking Spectacular at Night {via California Tour}



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