Breathtaking Bridal Veils

What is it about bridal veils that is so alluring? Is it their beauty, history, or sense of mystery that keeps us intrigued? Perhaps, it is their hint of what is to come. The sweet anticipation of the moment when he is told ‘you may kiss the bride’. The moment when time stands still. When he slowly lifts her veil to reveal her full beauty and seal their union with a kiss. Whatever their attraction you cannot deny bridal veils full of glamour and beautiful to behold. Stop for a moment and take in these captivating pictures of brides and their veils. 

Long Bridal Veil

Bridal Veils

Picture of Lace Bridal Veil

Mantilla Bridal Veil

Bride Under Veil

Vintage Veil

Vintage Bridal Veil Picture



Images: 1 & 6: Kiss the Groom / 2: Jose Villa / 3 & 5: via Bridal Veils on Pinterest / 4 & 7: Caroline Tran



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