{Guest Post} Chair Arrangement & Chuppah Decorations For The Beach – Part 2

In Part One of their fabulous beach wedding series, our friends over at OBX Brides discussed Beach Wedding Challenges and how to solve them. Today we’re delighted to have them back to share their wisdom about creative chair arrangements and ideas for your chuppah.

Ideas For Real Feet-On-The-Sand Beach Weddings

Wedding in The Round

For smaller beach weddings seating people around the bride and groom creates an intimate feel. Arrange the chairs in a circle, semi-circle or spiral seating arrangement. This can also be done using a square rather than a circular arrangement. If you want all eyes to be not only on you, but also on the ocean choose a semi-circle.

Traditional wood folding chairs may or may not set well on sand. Alternatives are benches or even pews. If you choose backless benches, you might want to offer some chairs to guests who might find backless seating uncomfortable. If the benches are very low keep in mind any pregnant guests, the elderly or those with health conditions who might find it very hard to sit down and stand up from a low seat. Renting a floor for your chairs to set on solves all sorts of problems.

Seating Savvy

Yes, sunset ceremonies are breathtaking but they call for some seating savvy. By angling the seating arrangement so the sun is not directly behind you, but rather, off to one side your guests won’t be blinded by the sun. And to keep you and your groom from being blinded by something other than love create a Chuppah with sheer fabric that reaches to about shoulder level on both sides. This will keep the sun out of your eyes and the guests will still be able to enjoy the ocean view—and you.

The Chuppah

The chuppah is fabric, or sometimes flowers or foliage, attached to the tops of two or more poles and usually draped from pole to pole. The word chuppah means “covering” or “protection” and is where the bride and groom stand while reciting their vows, it adds structure to the wedding and allows for some absolutely awesome decor opportunities. Decorations for the chuppah can be as unique as the couple standing under it. They can be very simple and casual with just some gauzy fabric or can combine many elements such as flowers, shells, starfish, tiny lights, grapevine, garlands and various greenery.

So now you have some ideas for seating arrangements and the chuppah. In our final article in this series, we’ll give you inspiration for gazebo decorations and unique touches to make your outer banks wedding truly special.




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