{Guest Post} Five Tips for a Tropical Beach Wedding

There is so something so intimate about a laid-back tropical beach wedding. Palm-fringed beaches, balmy weather and magnificent ocean views are perfect for a lover’s paradise. But like planning any other style of wedding, it pays to understand your environment. Wedding Co-ordinator, Angie Schesser shares with us her expertise on preparing for a wedding in the tropics.

Port Douglas Beach WeddingSo, you have chosen to get married a la natural, on a beautiful tropical beach. Nothing could be more romantic, natural and ideal. Or could it? Like most good plans, things can go wrong, but with a well-chosen venue, some common sense and some invaluable expert advice, you can have the beach wedding of your dreams. I ask Angie Schesser, Wedding Coordinator at Port Douglas’s Thala Beach Lodge for her top tips to create the perfect Tropical Beach Wedding.

1. Forget about the weather, you can’t control it anyway!

Contingency plans are’nt just for the military. Many a wedding has been saved by planning for the unexpected. For instance plan to have access to some sheltered reception areas that still have the ambience and views of the beach, while protecting you and you guests from whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Some of the most beautiful weddings have been in weather conditions that were less than ‘perfect’.

Thala Beach Lodge Wedding

2. Wear clothing and shoes to suit the location

Ladies, let’s face it; high heels and sand don’t mix. Casual and comfortable will have you looking and feeling your best on the big day. Long dresses, bare feet or sandals look stunning for women on the beach, as do loose, light clothing on men.

Thala Beach Lodge Wedding Port Douglas

3. Keep the ceremony light and open

A beach wedding is supposed to be relaxed and interactive. The beach is no place for heavy formalities. Keep it short, sweet and simple, humorous and loving. Let nature inspire you to take yourself lightly and focus on what’s really important, you and your partner celebrating with friends and family.

Tropical Beach Wedding Tips

4. Keep the décor natural and simple, the beach is beautiful already

Save yourself a fortune! You’re not going to improve on nature showing off her wares. For instance, white sands, and the sea provide dramatic backdrops. A few well-chosen flowers should be all you need to embellish a beach setting.

Tropical Beach Wedding in Port Douglas

5. Keep focused

Remember the day is about the two of you. Again, the simplicity of the setting gives you the added advantage of a casual approach. Let your guests gather around you naturally, while you celebrate what’s important; your simple, wonderful wedding.

Tropical Beach Wedding Ideas

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Tracey Hordern is a journalist, editor and copywriter. Always a bridesmaid, never the bride, Tracey enjoys a good wedding (and reception) at Thala Beach Lodge Port Douglas and lives in hope.

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