{Guest Post} Should You Combine the Stag and Hen Party?

Are you a bit nervous about your groom’s buck’s night? Not that excited about a typical bachelorette’s bash either? Well Victoria from ChilliSauce has some great alternatives (that are still fun!) for today’s modern bride and groom!

Traditionally, there has been a strict gender divide when it comes to stag and hen parties: the groom’s friends fill him up with booze and book a cringe-worthy stripper to gyrate all over him, while the girls head to a spa for pampering and gossip. Now that we’re well into the 21st century, could it be time to break these gender stereotypes? If the groom’s a low-key kind of guy who is not looking to do anything he wouldn’t do in front of his fiancée, and the bride is on the adventurous side along with most of her friends, a co-ed bachelor party is a real possibility. In addition to the possibility of saving time and money, co-ed celebrations also promote interaction between the couple’s friends. Let’s take a look at some ideas for combined stag and hen parties that everyone will enjoy.

A Stag and Hen House Party

A co-ed bachelor party is a particularly good idea if the groom and bride share a group of friends. Everyone will know each other, which makes for a rocking party. If it’s summer, light up the barbecue and relax over a few beers before cranking up the music and partying the night away.

Get Active Together

If the two groups are more distinct, an activity day will help to break the ice between them. Group activities such as canyoning, paintballing or caving create a strong bond between the participants. Once a couple enters married life, their friendship groups start to merge, so it makes sense to help the process along before the wedding. If you’re lucky, an adventurous co-ed bachelor party might even be responsible for some further matches being made.

Drunken Debauchery

Stag nights are traditionally all about drunken debauchery, but the drink doesn’t have to stop flowing just because the ladies are in tow. You can have an even wilder night out when stags and hens are mixed. Hit a few bars before going onto a nightclub to dance the night away. Best of all, the bride won’t be left wondering what her husband got up to while he was out on the town.

Holiday Heaven

A relaxing and rewarding way to celebrate an upcoming marriage is to take a group holiday. Round up the closest friends of the bride and groom and book a holiday cottage or villa in an exotic location. A pre-nuptial break gives everyone a well-deserved break from wedding planning and provides a chance to reflect on the joyfulness of the approaching occasion.

Planning a Co-ed Bachelor Party

When planning a mixed stag and hen party, it is important to pick an activity that suits the whole party. Ideally, the best man and the maid of honor (or the chief bridesmaid) should have equal input into the event planning to make sure both the bride and the groom have a great time.

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Victoria contributed this guest post on behalf of ChilliSauce.co.uk, Event coordinators and providers of special Chillisauce stag weekends and hen parties in the UK and abroad.

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