Pink Crab Apple Blossoms Wedding Inspiration

This wedding inspiration shoot by Christina Gressianu came about by a simple obsession with the pink crab-apple blossoms which make an appearance every springtime in her hometown of Fort Collins.

Pink Crab Apple Wedding Inspiration

Christina decided to go with the simple concept of shooting a bride with pink crab apple trees as the backdrop. As she began organizing models, dresses, hair and make up, she started thinking about mirrors and came up with a story for the shoot . . . .

‘Three beautiful girls are surrounded by an amazing natural display of pink blossoms, yet are too vain to notice. Suddenly, they become aware of each other, the crab apple trees, and the gorgeous pink blossoms. Before long, they’re smiling, laughing together and delighting in all the beauty around them more significant than just their own.’

Christina wondered if her story was to cheesy? We don’t think so . . . because it sure made for some pretty inspiration!

♥ ♥ ♥

Photography: Christina Gressianu / Hair Stylist:  Cas’s Hair Studio / Wedding Dresses:  Dora Grace / Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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